Open House Schedule


July 28th and 29th will be the nights open to the public during a four-day regional event, the Indiana Family Star Party, sponsored by the IAS, WVAS, and MAC. There will be a charge for this event. All other events are free.

October 7th is part of Camp Cullom's Chili Supper and stargazing event.
Day Date Time Lunar Phase
Friday March 31 8:00 28 % Crescent
Friday April 28 8:30 15 % Crescent
Friday May 19 9:00 No Moon
Saturday June 24 9:30 New Moon
Wed - Sun July 25-30 See below  
Saturday Aug 19 8:30 No Moon
Saturday Sept 16 8:00 No Moon
Saturday Oct 7 7:00 No Moon
All times are Eastern Daylight Time.
Photo By John Mahony
Photo By John Mahony