18th Annual

Indiana Family Star Party

IFSP 2019 is now history...  We've got another set of good memories to hold us over until next year.  If you want a taste of what the party was like, see some of the photos here.

The 2020 Indiana Family Star Party will be held July 14-19, Tuesday through noon Sunday. Tuesday through Thursday are extra days for full-event registrants only at no extra cost, but no organized activities are planned for those days. The public is invited to attend during the afternoon and evening of July 17th and 18th.

The star party will be at Camp Cullom, the site of the Prairie Grass Observatory, about 50 miles northwest of Indianapolis.  Sponsored by Camp Cullom (Clinton County Foundation for Youth), the Wabash Valley Astronomical Society (Lafayette, IN), the Indiana Astronomical Society (Indianapolis), the Muncie Astronomy Club and supported by the Astronomical League.