15th Annual

Indiana Family Star Party
and Greatcon 2017

Guest Speakers

Dr. David Ellis

NASA and the 2017 Eclipse
Dr. Ellis, from from the NASA Glenn Research Center, joins us again this year.  He plans to share some of the many things NASA is doing for the eclipse later this year.  Dr. Ellis does research into materials using in the space program.
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Greg McCauley

Mission to Mars
Mr McCauley is a member of the Indiana Astronomical Society and a NASA Solar System Ambassador.  Want to know more about our planned manned mission to Mars (both NASA and Space-X)?  Well Mr McCauley has the details as we now know them!  As a finally, he even has a 3D low altitude fly-over of Mars at the end. (We will supply the 3D glasses to all in the audience.)
Dr. Sundeep Rayat

Chasing the Aurora Borealis in Yellowknife
Sundeep Rayat is an Associate professor in the Department of Chemistry at Ball State University.  Her laboratory designs materials with applications in electronics.  She is a member of the Muncie Astronomy Club and enjoys taking images of the night sky.  She will share her experiences from her recent trip to Yellowknife, Canada and show images of the exquisite Aurora Borealis.